How does the program work?

  1. You sign up for a weekly, biweekly or monthly subscription. Once you sign up for our service you pick out one of our delicious Horn of Plenty Boxes (HPB) that you would like to have. Your subscription is by sign up and ordering each week, or your can pay for the entire year with a 10% discount!!

Yearly subscribers, if by chance you did not place a HPB order and you don’t call; your order will be by default of your most common order. You will get a menu update e-mailed as the seasons change Keep a look out on some other choices on our online menu and for the following week’s delivery (each week may have a different selection, depending on what’s in season.

Our online store provides so much more. You can customize your order with a $5.00 dollar fee during the order period and manage your account. Our order period is from Friday until Sunday at 9 pm.

How does the membership work?

Your Horn of Plenty Membership is a month to month but you can cancel at any time. All memberships are renewed by default at your enrollment date of the next year. You are billed the annual enrollment fee on their anniversary date for the upcoming season.

If you would like to cancel your membership, contact our team at (919) 578-8158 or by email at Your coordinator will pick up your last empty box the following week. All cancellations must be made by the Sunday preceding the upcoming week’s order. A box ordered by you before Sunday at 9 pm will be delivered that week (the food for this box is ordered from our Grocers on Wheels staff at 5 am on Monday morning).

Can I make changes to my order?

All changes to orders must be placed by Sunday night at 9 pm. Once that deadline hits we are unable to make any changes to your order. Unfortunately we have picked and pulled for you delivery and food waste is very critical to us.

When does your order come?

Currently, we deliver on Saturday, Mondays and Thursdays of each week. Your neighborhood coordinator will let you know which day you will receive your box. If any change in your delivery date we will provide a 5 days’ notice. Please check your emails.

What is the annual subscribers’ fee? $15.00.

Free for Fertile Ground Food Cooperative Members (click here) No annual fee. And Pick up only SNAP customers (click here)

SNAP customers that would like to be on a delivery schedule will be on a weekly, monthly or yearly order be charged a $15.00 a year fee within a 30 mile radius from downtown Raleigh. We will add shipping fees for those beyond delivery. Orders can be ship with separate charge from your EBT card via debit credit or Paypal.. All weekly and monthly orders, inquire about our Satellite locations for pickup for free…

What about adverse weather and your Horn of Plenty perishables?

If you have a shady area please state that in comments section when you enroll. If temperatures are extreme please leave a cooler out with an ice pack for our more fragile items and we will move the more fragile items from the box into your cooler and take the empty box back.  We can only keep our items fresh if your work with our team! Thanks for your cooperation.

What to do if you are allergic to an item in the HPB?

Please consult your physician on all items you or your family members are allergic to. We   will gladly exchange an item for an equal or lesser valued product to accommodate.  Do we have organic? Most of our produce is pesticide free coming from Genesis Farm. If you desire a complete organic box we will accommodate that for you.

Are we a CSA or a food cooperative?

We farm and deliver and work directly with a food cooperative called Fertile Ground Food Cooperative. (Please click here) (No subscribers fee)

Do we have an app?

Yes. Please go here to on your mobile device like on social media!

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